YOUSLI - photo of muesli paper and coffee
Yousli Brand Mark on light background
Yousli - Photography of Packaging Design and Muesli


We wanted to create a new kind of muesli brand from scratch. A company that created products purely from natural wholefoods, a place where you could buy delectable muesli blends or make your very own and have it delivered to your door.

Yousli - Photography of Packaging Design
Yousli sesame fig flavour
Yousli Brand Mark Slogan - You Are What You Eat


The brand platform ‘Feel Good Food’ was established and Yousli was created. A brand to puts more ‘you’ in your muesli . A place where you could literally ‘make your day’.

Yousli Branding on Social Media Instagram Example Photos
Yousli Branding applied to web - website design by Brands to life
Yousli Social media strategy


The successful launch of the brand has since seen it sold to a business in the US. We’re looking forward to seeing it pop up online again soon on a global scale.

Brand Strategy + Brand Naming + Brand Positioning + Brand Story & Voice + Brand Mark +  Visual Language + Packaging + Website Design + Digital Design +  Social Strategy + Advertising +  Livery

yousli satchel
Yousli Delivery concept

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