Black Yousli Brand Identity Brand Mark and Brand Positioning on box board background


Australian Music Vault

Neon Life Brand Identity Brand Mark in colour on a dark background

Neon Life

Xello Brand Identity Brand Mark on Black Background


National Tiles Trade + Brand Identity Brand Mark with striped orange banners on white


Kid You Not Brand Identity Brand Mark in black on light background

Kid You Not

Outdoria Brand Mark - Original Colour Way with Brand Positioning lock up


STONE Brand Identity Brand Mark on Black Background


Marketplacer - M only brand mark branding thumb


Equire Brand Identity Brand Mark mono logo on black background


House of Home - Brand Mark and Brand Positioning lockup

House of Home

Brand Naming

With our ‘Sticky Names’ brand naming process, we develop ownable trademarks to express a brand and its promise. Great names are strategically relevant, memorable.

Do you have a brand name challenge?

We are absolutely certain you’ve given the naming of your new brand (or the renaming of your existing brand) a crack already… and why wouldn’t you? Naming brands is fun. Finding a name to help create a positive brand experience from the very first time a customer hears about you is an exciting challenge. But naming brands can be hard work too and that’s where Brands to life® come into the picture. When you get stuck or you’ve tried naming before and realise the time and head space it takes to develop a strategically relevant, memorable brand name that your customers ‘get’, you can call on us for some fresh, creative thinking.