Wittner The Future is Female Advertising Campaign - girl in short boots on toes


Step Back Think - punch through the shoe lace advertising campaign visual asset

Step Back Think

Michael Klim - Klim Deep Blue Brand Advertising gif


Yousli Brand Development - Sustainable Packaging close up


Seek Branding - Brand Mark that stands the test of time


Michael Klim - Milk Dry Skin Advertising Image


Cobram Estate - premium packaging close up

Cobram Estate

Sirena Tuna Advertising Campaign - Mermaid gif


Stratton - Brand Animated Characters for Advertising Campaign


Mount Langi Ghiran - Advertising Campaign image

Mount Langi Ghiran

Ferguson Plarre Advertising - Agency Images

Ferguson Plarre

Herald Sun Footy Album Campaign with 3D footy cards

Herald Sun

Heart Foundation - digital advertising campaign eyes in heart

Heart Foundation

SHERRIN Advertising Campaign - Red Football on red background



Advertising is just one of many Touchpoints you have to talk about your brand in an engaging and creative way. And it can be a powerful one. Advertising can do what social media sometimes cannot: interject your message into people’s lives in a socially acceptable way to help jump start conversations – both in the digital and the real world. Whether it’s Digital Display, Pre-Roll, TVC’s, Radio, Outdoor, Print or a combination of  any or all of the above, we work with you to develop advertising campaigns to help bring your brand to life.

Hope you enjoyed a small selection of our Advertising work.
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Why is a branding agency doing advertising?

The simple answer is because we know our client’s brands inside and out. We know how to tell their authentic stories in a way that emotionally connects with customers. You might say it’s the ‘to life’ part of Brands to life®. Once we have created or refreshed your brand (and you want to take it to market), there’s no need to start searching for a new company to brief and educate about your brand, Brands to life® can become your new Melbourne advertising agency and your branding agency, simplified and rolled into one. And you don’t need to be based in Melbourne either. We create advertising for local, national and international brands.