Michael Klim - Milk Dry Skin Advertising Image


Australian Olympian Michael Klim wanted to create a natural skincare range using ocean minerals, in a product that would speak directly to men. He had the name  Milk – Klim spelt backwards. He needed to build a brand around it.


Michael Klim - Orignal Milk Packaging by Brands to life agency
Milk Brand Mark


 Focusing on transparency, simplicity and the idea of what you see is what you get, we created the distinctive Milk brand. The brand mark and packaging (inspired by the masculinity of the base of whiskey glass) the visual language, key imagery and two word messaging were designed to make it very easy for men to ask themselves if their skin might need Milk to solve a simple problem for them.

Michael Klim - Milk Dry Skin magazine ad
Milk - brand packaging gif
Michael Klim - Dirty Dry Skin


While Michael was able to use his celebrity profile to launch Milk, we were able to create a brand that could connect with customers its own right. The brand has soared since its inception and Michael has taken Milk from a Melbourne based brand to an international success story.

Brand Strategy + Brand Mark + Visual Language + Packaging + Advertising + Digital Design + Packaging + POS 

Michael Klim - Milk Branding Advertising Outdoor

“The Brands to life® team understood by brand and my audience and where I wanted to go with milk. The branding and packaging looked like nothing else in the marketplace. It cut through at launch and has stood the test of time in Australia and now with our success across Asia and Europe.”

Michael Klim | Owner Milk & Co.