Packaging Design

Hobart Brewing Company - packaging featuring brand mark refresh

Hobart Brewing Co.

SOS Wine - Creative packaging rotating gif

Save our souls

Eskal - lemon flavoured bites packaging


Yousli Brand Development - Sustainable Packaging close up


Michael Klim - Milk Dry Skin Advertising Image


Kid you Not - outer packaging to look like story book

Kid You Not

Cobram Estate - premium packaging close up

Cobram Estate

Sirena Tuna Advertising Campaign - Mermaid gif


Wittner Walk Tall Advertising Repositioning Campaign


Mount Langi Ghiran - Advertising Campaign image

Mount Langi Ghiran

Noodle Box Animation - Speaker built in packaging brand asset

Noodle Box

Volley - Brand Visual Assets image


Packaging design

Packaging design gives people a wonderful and tactile experience of your brand. It’s three-dimensional brand identity and creates desire for the product inside. It may be as simple as a bottle and wine label or as sophisticated as a the system of boxes and inner packaging you experience when unveiling your new iphone. Packaging is the combination of form, function and creative design to attract and engage your customer.

Hope you enjoyed a small selection of our Packaging Design work.
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Are you looking for a packaging design agency… or something even better?

Every new package design brief we work on is the opportunity to communicate your brand even better. We get under the skin of a brand before any packaging creative commences. We work with futurists and trend reporting to inspire our designs but always work within the context of ‘who’ your brand is. We love producing packaging to delight in the ‘real world’ to help grow your brand and your business.