We refreshed the iconic women’s shoe brand Wittner. Strategy was developed from the insight of ‘the feeling you get when you put on that perfect shoe’. We relaunched the brand with a bold campaign featuring Australian actress Emma Booth. Confident, clean, structured, black and white imagery with strong typography all come together to deliver the empowering statement WALK TALL.


Brand Strategy + Positioning + Brand Story + Brand Refresh + Advertising + Digital + Design

With a vision in place we reviewed every brand touchpoint. From simplifying and optimising the Wittner Brand Mark to redesigned packaging, signage, product labels, e-comm website, blog & all member based and advertising digital communications.

What happened next?
Advertising campaigns relate back to the Brand Strategy and decisions around product design, partners, bloggers and relationships, staff engagement etc have a core focus. Product is being called on for editorial like never before. Wittner has solidified a new relationship with DJ’s and new life has been injected into the brand. Customers are engaging and this is being clearly proven at the register.

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A Winter campaign inspired by a minimal urban Nordic lifestyle, created to showcase a broad range of city living essentials.

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