Our challenge was to showcase the breadth of diverse programs and initiatives Arts Centre Melbourne offer to welcome more people into the world of the performing arts and share their remarkable experiences.

Arts Centre Melbourne Together Experiences Film Intro


Together Experiences is series of films that feature people from on and off the stage, each telling their own story and revealing how they have found themselves through connecting with the performing arts.


Arts Centre Melbourne’s Together Experiences films were shared for the first time in September 2021.

The objective was to reach 2.5 million Victorians across the three stories and achieve 10K views for each story.

The first story alone (Stephanie Lake) achieve the overall objective within just 3 weeks.

Series 2 films launched April 2023, with the aim of surpassing the reach of Series 1.

Arts Centre Melbourne Together Experiences Coming Soon

“My eyes welled as each story was revealed. It’s been very rewarding seeing the Together Experiences project come to life, and the true essence of our own brand captured with such authenticity and creativity”. ” Very impressive stats, proving that powerful storytelling connects with audiences. This is authentic storytelling at its best.”

Cory Parfett | Arts Centre Melbourne - Director of Strategic Communications