Kid you Not - packaging wine label close up
Kid you Not - packaging wine labels
Kid you Not - Brand Mark

Kid You Not

We had the pleasure of working the newest generation of the Brown Brothers to develop a wine brand to reflect how their generation of the Brown clan could take a fresh look at branding to connect with a  younger audience. Using our brand planning processes, together we created a brand quite different to what you’d expect of Brown Brothers. Kid You Not was focused on bringing like minded people together to share great stories (and a glass or two) around the table. It was made to be discovered by it’s social, pleasure hunter customers.

Brand Strategy + Brand Name + Brand Story + Brand Mark + Packaging & Label Design + Website & Digital Design + Advertising + POS + Sales Collateral


Kid you Not - outer packaging to look like story book
Kid You Not Animation Book Design
Kid you not - fancy a tipple by branding agency
Kid you Not - Photography of wine wine packaging design
Kid you Not - branding applied to website
Kid You Not Owl Fox Animation

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