IMAGINARIA is a futuristic immersive playground, designed to captivate the senses of all ages. Part gallery. Part game. Part journey to another dimension.
Our challenge was to develop a memorable and unique brand identity and brand experience that speaks to all ages.


A living, pulsing Brand Mark, inspired from the soft curved forms of the inflatable structures and a visual language with visual pings and portals, designed to transcend. The iridescent purple colour pop provides a bold and crisp contrast against the black, elevating the sensory offering to a new level. A series of geometric, mirrored forms act as a visual gateway to enter the many worlds of IMAGINARIA.


IMAGINARIA launched Nov 26, 2020 and is open until Jan 31, 2021.

See the IMAGINARIA website for booking details and more.

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + Visual Language + Website Design + Social Media Design + Advertising

Person walking through Imaginaria Experience

Brands to life responded to this challenging brief with a branding solution that addressed every component. A beautifully executed resolution with a sound understanding of how a brand talks with its audience.

Nick Ennis | Founder/Director Loose Creative