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What began as a brand ‘sense check’ of the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) before we redesigned their website, became a complete re-fresh of their brand. We did a deep dive into their existing strategy, and uncovered areas where IWDA could more effectively emotionally connect with its many target audiences and stakeholders. From capital & small ‘F’ feminists, to government, corporate Australia and volunteers, the re-positioned IWDA brand under the positioning of Empowering Women to Lead had an immediate and powerful impact on the brand… blowing all of it’s measurable objectives out of the water.

Brand Strategy + Brand Positioning + Brand Mark + Visual Identity +  Website & Digital Design + Design + Direct Marketing Campaigns

IWDA brand mark by Brands to life
IWDA Branding applied to mobile
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IWDA Branding applied to web
IWDA - Image

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