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Yo-Chi Brand Mark & new positioning line
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It’s an energy you can’t see, but you definitely feel. Like most things at Yo-Chi, it happened naturally, it’s even in their name. But how to capture and articulate the Chi? We created a unique and friendly positioning and brand story for Yo-Chi. It celebrates their ‘inner Chi’ and captured the idea that they do more than just share the deliciousness of frozen yogurt, they share Chi goodness and ‘Embrace the Chi’ every single day. After all when you put it out there you get lots of good Chi back.

Brand Strategy + Brand Positioning + Brand Story & Voice + Social Media Strategy + Visual Language

Yo-Chi - Girl holding chocolate frozen yogurt
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YO-CHI pic of the week social media strategy
YO-CHI Social Media Strategy by Brands to life
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YO-CHI - A yoghurt a day gif by Brands to life

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