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Yo-Chi Brand Mark & new positioning line
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We’ve developed a unique, friendly positioning for one of our favourite food brands Yo-Chi. It celebrates their ‘inner Chi’ and gives them legs to move beyond frozen yogurt and into all kinds of treats and Chi goodness. Come on in and Embrace the Chi.

Yo-Chi - Girl holding chocolate frozen yogurt
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How we engage

Brand Strategy + Positioning + Brand Story + Social Strategy + Design

With the Brand Strategy, Positioning and Brand Story in place, we’ve reviewed Yo-Chi’s  Social Strategy to align it with their refreshed brand direction. We developed content pillars and took over their social implementation for 10 weeks. We got it in shape and now with a clear path to follow, handed it back to Yo-Chi to manage in-house.

What happened next?
The Yo-Chi team have clarity about their brand, where it’s headed and how to talk about it. Social media has been rebooted;  followers and engagement are now feeling very chi.

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YO-CHI Social Media Strategy by Brands to life
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