10th Jul 2018| by Brands to life

A new look at National Tiles

National Tiles - Brand Mark Reversed

National Tiles gets visual in their new advertising campaign.

Hellooooo. Once upon a time (not so very long ago) we were all master chefs, now we’re all interior designers. But for most of us, we still want the look for less.

Of course, you have to ‘see the look’ to ‘want the look’, so with the latest National Tiles advertising campaign, Brands to life® have worked with well known Australian business National Tiles to progress their formerly radio only campaigns to include more visual mediums as well. The messaging has moved towards everyday and guaranteed low prices on an extensive range of great quality, popular tile styles rather than ongoing big percentage off sale messaging. We’re focussed on showing customers just how amazing the right combination of these tiles can look in their homes and just how accessible the price points are. The quality is high, the look is right and the prices are unbeatable everyday at National Tiles.

And while Frank still says ‘helloooooo’ we feel he doesn’t need to introduce himself any more… we all know Frank Walker is from National Tiiiiles from 20 years of radio spots.


This is just the start of re-positioning the National Tiles brand. So stay tuned to see more.

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