08th Jul 2022| by Brands to life

Making a splash with health conscious performance drinks

A balance of function, emotion and purpose in a new brand.


The co-founders of this brand are heavily involved in sport. They came to Brands to life® in 2018 with the idea of creating a product to challenge the sugar laden hydration drinks of this world, and create an alternative that they’d prefer to drink themselves. The next generation of sports hydration was to be effective, taste great, low (very low) on sugar and high (very high) on sustainability.

As with many NPD projects we worked rigorously with the founders to sense check the idea, brand naming concepts and identity alternatives. We tackled the intricacies of a new kind of sustainable packaging and created a powerful visual language to cut through in both the digital and physical space.


We’re ready to put sugary hydration drinks on notice.

The next generation of sports hydration is here. Welcome SUPERBOOST.