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After completing a Repositioning and Brand Identity Refresh with Brands to life®, Wilson Security wanted to take their new brand to market. The challenge was to change the current perceptions of Wilson Security with both existing and potential clients, to be more aligned with the corporate risk and technology space.


The ‘Innovating the security of today’ campaign was developed to position Wilson Security at the forefront of technology within their sector. The campaign features the cutting edge, technology based security innovations that are designed to drive business forward. The dark navy backdrop, contrasted with a neon like palette talk to the future aesthetic of the campaign and the communication has been designed to feel like it being delivered from the technology itself.


The Wilson Security Innovation Campaign ran nationally in April 2021 in a tactical brand campaign spanning digital, radio and outdoor.
The campaign saw the Wilson Security website reach the same amount of new page views in just 6 weeks. Previous campaigns had taken 6 months to achieve equivalent numbers. The campaign exceeded expectations of all measurable campaign objectives and a had a flow on effect of increasing visitation to other Wilson brands websites.

 Brand Positioning + Brand Advertising + Digital 

Security of Tomorrow Billboard
Security of Tomorrow Website Landing Page
Security of Tomorrow Website Landing Page

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