Our client was ready to create a luxury personal care brand, with products that use use high-grade botanicals, that don’t harm the environment or the people using them. Starting with a deodorant in 100% perishable packaging and no plastic.


The name Papermoon talks to the sustainable aspects of paper as well as the rituals that surround the moon and our own daily self care routines. The positioning ‘It’s all good’ reflects the things that make you feel good, the goodness inside each package, the way it makes your body feel and the sustainable nature of the product. The brand identity will feature a new illustrative style with each new release. The colour palette and visual treatment have been designed to elevate each specific scent.


Just launched – awaiting results.

Brand Strategy + Brand Name + Brand Positioning + Brand Story + Visual Identity + Packaging + Website + Social Media

The Brands to Life team understood our start-up’s business challenge and target market perfectly. Their response and art direction were brilliant, and the brand they created for us, took us to a new level. The team have delivered us the whole brand package across brand identity, digital, social and packaging, and the response from our stakeholders and consumers has been the highest praise possible. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and highly recommend Brands to Life.

Jeremy | Papermoon - Director