Trade Victoria re-named to Global Victoria and required a brand refresh to reflect their bold new vision to stimulate the Victorian economy by helping more Victorian businesses play on a global stage.


Global Victoria makes global possibilities a reality, and the positioning TAKE ON THE WORLD serves as the inspiration for the bold visual language. Created from the simple idea of a CIRCLE and TRIANGLE representing GLOBAL and VICTORIA, the designs are given life and movement through the use of scale, repetition and the considered use of yellow, a colour that glows with a warmth that illuminates ideas and sparks emotions.


The new brand has been overwhelmingly embraced by the Global Victoria team. The narrative is easy to articulate and integrate across varied in country trade missions. Global Victoria now expresses a youthful, entrepreneurial spirit and connects with brands determined to go global.

See the refreshed Global Victoria website

Stakeholder & Customer Research + Brand Strategy + Brand Positioning + Brand Story + Visual Identity + Website Design + Brand Collateral Design + Brand Style Guide

I wanted to say thank you to the team for working with us on this project. I’m delighted with where we’ve ended up. It has been a great experience and such a great outcome for the GV team.

Jodie Stevens | DJPR Senior Manager, Marketing Campaigns