Noodle Box Animation - Speaker built in packaging brand asset
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Noodle Box

Noodle Box was the first to introduce the iconic white, take-away noodle box (previously only seen in American movies) to Australians over 20 years ago now (time flies). More recently they were keen to refresh their position and re-engage with the youth market again. Our positioning ‘Tastes Like Happy’ introduced the idea of feeling better, through eating better – this was brought to life through a music platform that included an experiential campaign activated through events, digital and social media

Noodle Box Amp Refresh - Try our Banging Fresh Flavours Gif
Noodle Box Website design by branding agency
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How we engage

Brand Strategy + Positioning + Advertising + Digital + Social + Packaging + Design

The ‘Tastes Like Happy’ positioning was brought to life through the idea of ‘music to your mouth’. The platform included an experiential campaign that was activated through digital and social media and a brand new website. It was supported at store level with a refreshed fitout, signage and POS.

What happened next?
Noodle Box developed a social voice and re-engaged with the youth market once more. Many noodles, stir fry’s (and Panko Prawns) have been eaten as a result.

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Noodle Box BDO Festival Poster Design
Noodle Box Social Media Facebook Event Ad
Noodle Box BDO Animation - Box Seat VIP


As part of the ‘Taste like happy’ campaign we’ve had a lot of fun creating the visual language and illustrative splendour, here’s a little taste of some of our favourites.

Noodle Box Poster design Animation
Noodle Box Take Away Packaging Design
Noodle Box Wall Illustration
Noodle Box Icons - Brand Marks

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