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Hobart Brewing Co.

The team at Hobart Brewing Co. didn’t anchor themselves in Hobart by accident. They discovered what locals there have known for a very long time… Hobart has a history as a great brewing town and is still one of the best places on earth to brew (and drink) good beer. They tell a decent yarn down at the Red Shed, but wanted to find a way to tell their own story and stand out amongst the proliferation of craft beer brands and micro-breweries throughout Australia. For brewers, they’re pretty savvy about brand strategy, and they’re now all talking about making beer that the ‘locals want to drink’… and (of course) actually brewing it too.

Brand Strategy + Brand Positioning + Brand Story & Voice + Product Packaging

Hobart Brewing Co- close up of Pale Ale 24 Pack Packaging Design
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Hobart Brewing Co Pale Ale 24 Pack Packaging Design
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