27th Oct 2020| by Brands to life

Branding an immersive experience for all ages


We could all do with some new experiences in our lives at the moment, that’s why we’re so excited to share a brand new experiential event we’ve been working on. Opening in November in Melbourne.

Brands to life® was commissioned to develop a branding and digital experience for a futuristic immersive playground concept, designed to captivate all ages.

Part gallery. Part game. Part journey to another dimension. IMAGINARIA is a series of spaces created from vast architectural, inflatable sculptures, that you can walk through, discovering secret portals along the way to open up to alternative worlds – each filled with unique light, sound and visual splendour.

The main challenge (apart from the Vic lockdown restrictions) was to develop a Brand Identity  and Visual Language to speak to all ages. It was as important to get the parents as excited as the kids. Too serious and we could lose the connection with the kids, and too naïve we miss everyone else.

The solution started with a simple brand mark inspired by the soft curved forms of the inflatable structure itself, accompanied by a visual language of transcending qualities.

A colour pop of iridescent purple and crisp black helps elevate the sensory offering to a new level.

We created a series of geometric and mirrored forms to act as portals, a gateway to enter the many worlds of IMAGINARIA including the The Light Maze and The Secret Garden. To find out more, consider booking tickets and experiencing it for yourself.

View the full IMAGINARIA brand identity 

IMAGINARIA runs from November 26 – January 31

For more information and ticket details go to imaginarianow.com.au