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Turn a concrete paver business Classic Stone, into a desirable lifestyle brand.

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We cut to the core of what Classic Stone really do. They didn’t just make concrete pavers, they ‘Get people outside more’ and the positioning ‘Live Outdoors’ was born to take them there. We designed a clean and modern look, redefining what concrete could bring to architecture and outdoor spaces. We created a visual language that embraced the natural textures and grain of the materials they used. We captured both the handmade nature of their products and lifestyle images of enviable, landscaped outdoor spaces shot from the inside looking out. With their new clean look, we dropped the ‘Classic’ refined their name to STONE to complement the crisp and minimal look.

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We changed the way Classic Stone saw themselves and took themselves to market. They’ve moved from a manufacturer of concrete pavers to a business that created an architecturally desirable product. They have become an inspiring resource to both landscape designers as well as interior designers and architects.

Brand Strategy + Brand Positioning + Brand Naming + Brand Mark + Visual Language + Digital Branding + Advertising + POS + Packaging + Livery + Sales Collateral + Reception Fit-Out

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