Kinetic Branding


Four companies all servicing the natural resources industry in slightly different capacities were being streamlined into one powerful new company. They needed a confident brand, a brand that all four companies could rally under and that stood for something, so they could stand out against the ‘’big boys’ in their industry.

kinetic brand mark on grey background
Kinetic - Image from Branding Agency Photoshoot
Kinetic Strategy
Kinetic Business Card Design


The positioning ‘Make it happen’ was created to show that the newly named Kinetic was the company with right people and the know how to get things flowing and get the job done, on time and on budget. A confident website that embraced these traits and showcase Kinetic’s hard work across the energy and resource landscape. Kinetic’s free-flowing brand mark reflects progress and team work, whilst each of the four curves recognises each of the four businesses that make up this powerful new entity.

Kinetic Branding applied to work site


The four businesses all rallied under the single entity Kinetic which was formally announced in early 2017. Since the launch, the business has successfully merged with MPC Group to become MPC Kinetic adopting many of the key brand assets and becoming a bigger player in the delivery of services in the energy and resource construction industry

Brand Strategy + Brand Architecture + Brand Positioning + Brand Story & Voice + Brand Mark + Visual Language + Website Design + Digital Design + Video Content + Internal Stakeholder Launch Campaign + Brand Style Guide

Kinetic Branding applied to Truck
Kinetic Branding applied to website landing page

“I am an engineer not a marketer, so I was very impressed with the simplicity of the Brands to life® Brand Character process to define what we do in advance of creating our new brand & website. The business has embraced the new positioning that Kinetic Makes it Happen. The website exceeded my expectations.”

Leigh Rigg | COO Wells MPC Kinetic