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Nimble, resourceful, adaptable and downright determined. Energy doesn’t just happen. It takes certain kind of people to keep the world moving. People who think on their feet, demonstrate practical innovation with a can-do attitude. In fact, Kinetic could almost be called the ‘MacGyvers’ of their industry. Their people pull together and give it their all. Whatever the challenge, they find a way to keep energy flowing.
Kinetic make it happen.

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Brand Strategy + Brand Architecture + Positioning + Brand Story + Brand Mark + Digital + Design + Video Content

In 2016 B2B business Vautron, had a run of new business acquisitions and wanted to review their Brand Architecture and Strategy with the objective of creating one strong, meaningful Masterbrand. As a group their aim was to define a meaningful position in their marketplace and define what they actually ‘do’ as a business. The goal being to create a team culture and Kinetic story that had everyone in the business on the same page… and customers wanting to know more.

What happened next?
The strong, cohesive and engaging new branding launched in February 2017, across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.  A bunch of self-confessed ‘non-marketers’, they’ve been impressed with staff engagement to date, and are looking forward to engaging with existing and new customers under the auspices of their new brand.

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