Est are the digital ‘little black book’ of inspiration for design enthusiasts.
They needed a brand refresh and new positioning to tell their story in a more authentic and relevant way. In short, Est wanted their own home to be as inspiring as the spaces, products and designs they share.



The positioning for Est of ‘Unforgettable Spaces & Inspired Design’ showcases everything they do. From a beautiful house in Norway to a magnificent local chair design, the careful consideration of using space gracefully runs across all the work on Est. This thinking was translated to their digital experience. Each piece of beautifully curated design is given generous space around it, like a precious item in a gallery. Complimenting the sophisticated aesthetic and giving clarity to the content. With the subtle use of transitions, the work draws the user’s attention by drifting into view as you scroll down. A neutral colour palette ensures the site design always compliments and never overshadows the featured work.


The Est brand truth is now clearly articulated to their target audiences through the sophisticated look, feel and tone of the website. The work talks to architects and designers, but is definitely still accessible to the aspiring home renovator. It’s working more effectively than ever before, with a significant increase in customer engagement, a 90% increase in product leads and full financial year revenue targets being met in the first quarter post rebrand.

See the est website

Brand Strategy + Brand Positioning + Visual Language + Website Design + Digital Design


Brands to life®, you have achieved just that, brought est to life! A dream team to work with, the new look is fresh and modern – reflecting of course our brand values and personality. Look forward to working on more design projects with you… together we have set a very impressive benchmark.

Miffy Coady | Managing Director est