24th Jun 2019| by Paul Findlay

Immerse Your Senses

Immerse Your Senses


Recently, I was honoured to be invited to contribute to what I would call (and I don’t use this term lightly) a ‘dream brief’. It’s something that feels to me excitingly new for Melbourne. Something that when I think about it, I’m surprised hasn’t been done here before, particularly given Melbourne is well known as a mecca for the arts, food and music in Australia.

This event has been put together as a full immersive dining/arts experience. You’re invited to see, listen and taste the creative offerings of leading artists, musicians, creatives and chefs (including the likes of NGV and Tokyo Tina), each expressing themselves through their craft. Everyone has created work to the theme of ‘Future (Year 2045)’ and ‘Sensory Overload’. This immersive dining and arts event is called Sensory Underground – and from what I’ve seen to date, we’re in for a truly unique experience.

Sensory Underground - Hand Silhouette Reaching Red Light

Think a hidden space, speakeasy style, located deep down in the bowels of Federation Square. Here lies incredible spaces full of unused corridors and concrete dens. Think of it as a futuristic gallery for the senses (Blade Runner-esque), with audio/visual/gastronomic delights – an experience that has been designed and curated to unapologetically take over every sense.

Sensory Underground - Silhouette of People looking at Light

The idea I’ve been working on is The Robot’s Room. I can’t give too much away at this stage but let’s just say it’s a performance piece, and I’ve hand picked specialists in their fields to help pull it all together using this creative rationale.

Open the door to The Robot’s Room for an immersive peek into the daily ritual of a working robot. See what they see, smell what they smell, hear what they hear, feel what they feel, eat what they eat.

I’ve been lucky enough to be collaborating with some extremely creative companies and talented individuals to bring The Robot’s Room concept to life: Charlotte Lane (Costume Design/Set Design), Kit Webster (Lighting Design), Nick Ennis (Sound Scape) and Natalie Kalkbrenner (Choreography).

Sensory Underground runs for 4 weeks in August. For more information and booking details go to Sensory Underground @ Fed Square

Two Women Wearing VR Goggles Hugging

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