22nd Sep 2017| by Brands to life

Giddyup – It’s Spring at Wittner

Our latest attraction – the Wittner Spring Racing campaign.

Introducing Spring Allure, a digital and in-store campaign for Wittner inspired by the festive days of Melbourne’s upcoming Spring Racing Carnival. We love spring, it’s fresh and fun but it’s not as floral this year. The late mail is that this Spring we’ll be seeing a lot of white in fashions on the field and strutting through the Marquees of the Birdcage. Wittner have pulled together a Spring range featuring heels adorned with hand-made blossoms, elegant all-day sandals designed with love in the detail and tones that will complement (but never overpower) your Spring Carnival look.



So take a little inspiration from this advertising campaign for Wittner and put a little more confidence in your step with the perfect shoe.