Australian door hardware business Entro wanted to reposition themselves to connect with a broader audience, particularly more architects, specifiers and interior designers for both commercial and resi builds. Their products, price and service were all in excellent shape, with a true focus on collaborating with clients, but the way Entro was expressing itself and telling their brand story, needed an overhaul.


We wanted to help Entro express that they make premium more accessible. To visually elevate the brand into a more premium space we started by crafting an identity that would look as much at home etched into the steel of any ‘doorware’ product, as it would displayed on packaging that was delivered to an architect. The resolved identity consisted of a distinctive but pared back word mark, complemented by a bold, monochromatic visual language. With backdrops of black on black, detailed with crisp white minimal typography we ensured that the product would always be the hero. We created the positioning ‘Open Possibilities’ to reintroduce the brand and allow Entro to talk to the swathe of benefits architects and interior designers tap into by specifying entro doorware – style and range, accessible prices of premium products, impeccable service and immediate product availability.

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The new Entro branding was launched in February 2022.

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