Seek - Girl holding poster with seek brand mark on large


Brand Marks, Word Marks, Logos… whatever you like to call them, we love creating them. To create a great Brand Mark we ensure you begin with a strong foundation for the brand, a clear brand strategy and all key brand stakeholders on the same page. Then, with a Brand Name locked in (and we can help you with that if you need inspiration) our creative teams fight it out (we call it “Duelling Brandjo’s”) to develop unique marks to best represent your brand. We work on Brand Refreshes and evolve existing marks to make them more relevant to today. We work on Re-brands, where strategy is turned on its head and marks need a complete revolution and we create memorable marks for new companies, organisations, products or services… and with the Brand Mark locked in, we start bringing it to life.

United Energy Brand Mark
Wittner Brand Mark - simplified post agency repositioning of branding
Australian Music Vault Brand Mark with Yellow Positioning line
Milk Brand Mark
Lenzo Colour Brand Mark by Brands to life
IWDA Reversed on black brand mark by Brands to life
Moose Toys - Brand Mark on purple background
Marketplacer Brand Mark and Positioning line
Tinitrader Brand Mark and Positioning line by Brands to life
SwiftHero Colour Brand Mark
Bike Exchange - Brand mark close up on black mesh material
Vision Australia's carols by candlelight brand mark
Victorian National Parks Association Brand Mark
outdoria brand mark on green background
Yousli Brand Mark
Silver Top Brand Mark and Positioning line by Brands to life
Jemena Brand Mark
Good Friday appeal brand mark
Safari Frank Brand Mark
Volley Teal Brand Mark
Stratton Brand Mark & Positioning line by Brands to life
Herald Sun Super Footy Brand Mark
Kidspot Brand Mark by Brands to life
Brumbys Brand Mark
Brand Mark CO2 - Creating a Better Climate
Canny Brand Mark reversed on black background
Kinetic Brand Mark
Redflex Brand Mark and Positioning line
lifes little treasures brand mark
Tixstar brand mark by brands to life
Kid You Not Brand Mark
Digital Thing Brand Mark
Marriner Brand Mark
Princess Theatre Band Mark
Regent Theatre Brand Mark
Comedy Theatre Brand Mark
Evenglide Brand Mark
Murdoch Childrens Brand Mark

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