13th Aug 2015| by

Our newest designer Sam. Hipster or Gamer?


157 job applications later… we’d like to introduce Sam Watson, the latest member of our creative team to Melbourne brand agency Brands to life™.

Sam managed to use his 6 years brand design and digital experience, outstanding folio and his extremely positive outlook on life, to land himself a role in our brand design studio. Sam hails from the Mornington Peninsula where he still spends a lot of time ocean surfing. He collects vinyl new and old, as well as analogue HiFi equipment (eugh, what a hipster – no beard thankfully.) He thinks video games can be considered a legitimate art form (play ‘Journey’ if you don’t agree). We’ve been told he’s a dog whisperer and best friend to a trio of ‘adorable’ Rottweilers. But if he thinks they’ll gain automatic entry into our dog friendly office, he’ll need to put on a pretty impressive dog show to to convince the human team and Trevor (our current dog in residence) that they’re ready for the honour. Sam, you’re talented, quirky and remind us there’s a fine line between the hipster and nerd… and your design skills make you an impressive new member of the creative team at Brands to life™. Welcome aboard.

Rottweilers Group of Three Dogs Sam New Designer