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So, I read yesterday in AdNews that the recent Bonds ‘BOOBS’ campaign has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Advertising Standards Board (ASB).

Unfortunately I have my own internal ASB – the Anna Standards Board….and the Anna Standards Board is not so black and white in its ruling.

I am a marketer AND I’m the mother of a 6 year old.

Branding and Marketing Anna cheers for BOOBS… ‘go boobs’. Great use of the brands’ visual language at the teaser stage to peak interest and to clearly suggest BONDS. Plus an undeniable case of made you look. And then the reveal – yes it’s Bonds (I’m so clever, I totally knew it was them). Personally I  think BOOBS has really put Bonds as makers of bras, on the map (as compared to just being on the map of Tassie for undies – ha, made myself laugh). And they’re certainly talking to a broader audience than the tiny little half people shaking their Bonds covered butts in the TVC’s over the past few years. Go Bonds.


Anna, mother of a 6 year old thinks that over 100 square meters of BOOBS in unavoidable outdoor spaces probably isn’t appropriate. Upon seeing the billboard while we were driving down the Tulla a month ago, my daughter was actually a little upset that a naughty word (in her mind) was up on the massive billboard. And fair enough – if she were to joke about and say boobs at home, I’d tell that it’s not appropriate language for her to use.

Sure the words BOOBS may be used colloquially by some kids and adults but not by everyone. Showing BOOBS in a massive outdoor space give parents absolutely no chance of preventing their kids  from seeing it. That’s BONDS taking my parenting rights out of my hands. Yes – Dick Does Deals used the word Dick as part of its outdoor campaign a while back BUT that’s his name….and that’s what I can tell my child. Bonds makes bra’s not boobs, it’s just not quite the same. Could Bonds to DICK for a new men’s undies range? It’s colloquial  after all…but is it appropriate in the public realm?

Sure Miss 6 will probably hear the word from her 3 year old brother (don’t ask) or kids in the playground but I think this is quite different.  Learning the word BOOBS and other ‘naughty’words in the playground is a right of passage but  it’s not,  in my opinion,  appropriate to be learning BOOBS from a multinational profit making business.

The ASB (Anna Standards Board) has no problem with the girls in bra’s. I don’t think the campaign is degrading to women but I’m  still in internal negotiations over exposing kids to BOOBS.


Anna Rogers
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