Reposition Wilson Security to help them become the stand our leader in the security category.  Evolve from being seen as a company delivering security guards and mobile patrols to a professional brand focussed on innovation, technology and helping clients accelerate their business success.


The positioning ‘Protecting your future’ has a core focus on the smarts rather than the usual brawn. This talks directly to the technology and the innovation that Wilson Security is heavily invested in. The team and technology are the focus, with bold backdrops of deep navy blue setting the scene. The typography is pinpointed with a retractable line that helps frame each focal point, giving the technology a voice.


The internal launch and onboarding of the repositioned and refreshed Wilson Security brand was hugely successful – in no small part due to the CEO and Senior Management introducing the new brand with the attention, celebration and explanation it deserved. The powerful new visual presence across all Brand Touchpoints has seen Wilson Security meet and exceed its business objectives of repositioning the brand in the eyes of its target audiences and grow their business.

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The whole team is right behind our bold new branding. Brands to life® has created a visual identity that expresses our innovation and business acumen story and absolutely represents our leadership position in th marketplace.

Natasha Velkovski | FMR National Marketing Manager Wilson Security