Herald Sun 3D footy campaign - Footy In Your Face

The Challenge

The annual Herald Sun footy cards were back, but for the first time ever,  they were in 3D. They were looking for a campaign to unleash the energy of the product itself, and ways to make the experience more exciting for kids (young and old) even beyond the cards themselves.


Herald Sun 3D footy campaign
Herald Sun Advertising Campaign Boy with 3D glasses

The Thinking

Footy In Your Face! was created. A campaign created to feed the most the footy obsessed and to show the  3D’edness of the cards in action. These cards got you so close to your favourite players, you had to duck to miss them. And to keep the engagement going, we  developed and launched ROCKETBALL, an online game designed to challenge your footy skills, and your friends. It was full on footy, with incentives to keep the game very much alive.

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Herald Sun Rocket Ball Brand Mark
Herald Sun Rocket Ball Footy Game Design

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