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Kid You Not

Wittner Walk Tall Advertising Repositioning Campaign


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Bike Exchange

Brand Identity

Powerful visual languages and design systems help make brands memorable. We define brand strategy then translate it into a brands visual identity. We deliver it across every single touchpoint to create a truly unique brand with an emotionally engaging and ownable identity.

Take a look at our Brand Identity work brought to life here.


Strong Brand Identities build businesses

A memorable Brand means more than mere good looks. Having a strong Brand is one way to help protect your business. Customers have a choice and they’re making decisions faster than ever before. Unless you’ve got patents in place or a monopoly in your industry, customers are looking to brands as a decision making short cut. Brand Identity design is a visual representation of ‘who’ your brand is and how you want it to be perceived. Brand Identities helps connect your business with your consumer. Branding seeks to have you remembered for all the right reasons, distinguishing your brand in your customers mind.