25th Aug 2016| by Brands to life

The Sounds of Brands to life®


Brands are people too… well sort of. That’s how we see them.

When we humanise brands, through our Brand Character™ process, we even think about what kind of music a brand might listen to if it were a person.

As individuals what sort of cars we drive, what we wear, what other brands or organisations we align ourselves with and even what music we listen to all help other people understand who we are. We see this as being the same for brands and defining all of these preferences for your brand becomes part of you brand strategy. Seems you are who  you listen to.

So, time to put our music where our mouth is, we’ve curated a Brands to life® playlist. If Sammy Sparkles (one of our designers) had his way it would be on vinyl – but that’s a little hard to share online. So here’s we we’re listening to on Spotify.

Expect an eclectic mix (jungle drums anyone?) All tunes are fair game as long as they inject life to the agency including inducing a finger desk drumming extravaganza, spontaneous out bursts of key lyrics and throwing in the truly unexpected that can garner anything from laughter to good natured jeering. Feel free to judge.

So without further ado, it’s time to drop that needle (figuratively speaking) and enjoy some of what we’re listening to at Brands to life®. Perhaps you’ll discover a little more about who we are and what makes us tick.

Listen to Brands to life® Daily on Spotify