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A Canny Brand

Canny - Brand Mark applied to client supplied pool image for Blog

I’m sure many of us dream of living in the sort of home that Canny design and build. And if you can top off the dream with one of their custom Integrated pools, you’re going to be living somewhere pretty spectacular indeed.

Successful Melbourne builders/designers Canny wanted clarity around their Brand Architecture and a refresh of their suite of brands before developing a new Website. Starting with strategy and our Brand Character planning workshop we worked with Canny to define their Brand Architecture, then refreshed their Canny Master Brand and the other brands within their portfolio including Lubelso by Canny and Integrated Pools. With all planning and brand design resolved, we worked to create their new website and have taken Lubelso by Canny to market through print and outdoor. If you want architectural luxury… definitely get in touch with Canny. If you want to bring your brand to life… definitely get in touch with us.

Canny - Sub Brands
Canny Branding Refresh applied to website