Seek Advertising Billboard Concept
Seek - Creative Footy Advertising Campaign
SEEK Brand Mark


When SEEK was just a name and a visionary idea, we were engaged to create their brand from scratch and very quickly show Australian employees and employers what an online employment marketplace was. The brief was clear, they wanted their brand to pack a punch from day one and stand out for all the right reasons.



Seek - Creative Advertising Campaign Cool jobs
Seek - Creative Advertising Campaign Grab hold of your dream job


The distinctive SEEK brand mark and the iconic hot pink and strong visual language was created to shout out loud and confidently “we’re not like the rest!” This bold, fun splash of colour was impossible to miss across all media forms, from outdoor to print and was perfectly illuminated in back lit digital environments.


Seek - Creative Ski Advertising Campaign


In the 15 years since its launch, SEEKs’ irreverent tone lives on in a brand that is now a household name. Their commitment to articulating its brand strategy through every touch point from advertising, outdoor through to B2B and Digital. It’s hard to miss the SEEK brand out there in todays cluttered market. And not only does this bold and confident visual language represent a true reflection of who they are (fun, confident and brave), they also proudly own the colour hot pink.


Brand Strategy + Brand Architecture + Brand Mark + Visual Language + Consumer Advertising + Trade Communications + Digital Design

SEEK - branding being demonstrated on B2B poster
SEEK Australia's no.1 job site
Seek Ipad Game Design by Brands to life

“From the earliest days as a challenger brand, Paul was championing the irreverence and simplicity of SEEK. The mark , visual language and tone of voice he developed in the start-up days remains unchanged as does the way SEEK continues to successfully connect with its target markets.”

Katie May | Fmr Marketing Director SEEK