When SEEK was just a name and a visionary idea, we were engaged to create their brand. From the Brand Identity and Brand Architecture through to the brand voice and visual language. The distinct colour palette and irreverent tone of the brand lives on in a brand that is now a household name.

How we engage

Brand Strategy + Brand Mark + Advertising + Digital + Design

What haven’t we created for SEEK? Brand Mark, Office Fit-outs, Advertising, DM, Events, Animated Training Movies, Invitations, Presentations, Video Games, Website Design. B2C and B2B communications, all with the SEEK brand voice shining through.

What happened next?
15+ years on, the brand has stood the test of time. It looks and feels the same and even though commercially it’s grow up, it’s been able to retain the irreverence that made it such a stand out as a start up. Seek pink lives on.

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