Mambourin - New Brand Mark for 2018 Rebrand


When you create a place where everybody can flourish, you create opportunity. Opportunity to grow, learn, love, reflect and have the space to turn hopes into reality. Mambourin believe that everyone has something special to give, so they give everyone something invaluable in return; they open opportunities. They connect adults with disabilities to opportunities that help them reach their life goals. In a re-brand to capture the heart and soul of this almost 50 year old Not-For-Profit organisation, we wanted to show the real essence of Mambourin. A bright, welcoming, strong and inclusive group facilitating freedom and choice and opening opportunities.

Brand Strategy + Brand Positioning + Brand Story & VoiceBrand Mark + Visual Identity + Website Design + Brand Styleguide


Mambourin - Re-brand visual language examples
Mambourin - Re-brand new business cards
Mambourin - Website redesign example
Mambourin - work placement - image supplied by Mambourin

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