Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation is an organisation dedicated to fighting the single biggest killer of Australians – heart disease. For over 50 years they have led the battle to save lives and improve the heart health of all Australians. We worked with Heart Foundation in their transition with existing behavioural change campaigns to integrate digital communications and engage better.  We took the ‘Warning Signs’ of Heart Attack digital, created a social marketing campaign to raise awareness of the many symptoms of a heart attack. We developed the ‘Be a real Mate’ campaign asking friends to look out for each other targeting specifically through sporting websites, radio and sports grounds and relaunched the fundraising campaign ‘Big Heart Appeal’.

How we engage

TVC + Radio + Digital Advertising + App Development + Microsites + Design

By adding the digital advertising element to the Warning Signs campaign, it overtook its 15 month target for click-through and downloads of Heart Attack Plans within the first 3 months making it the most successful digital campaign for the Heart Foundation at the time. We were able to demonstrate time and again that smart, message specific and engaging creative combined with smart digital media planning could get the sort of results Heart Foundation were seeking.

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