Bike Exchange Red B icon header image
Bike Exchange Image with lady with red lipstick and full support uniform
Bike Exchange - brand mark close up on cycling jersey


Having established themselves as hugely successful, transactional, online marketplace for bikes/parts/accessories – Bike Exchange felt they needed to show their true colours and help bikers of every way, shape and form get even more out of every single ride.

Bike Exchange Coffee Cup Packaging Design with Brand Mark
Bike Exchange Racer with Brand Mark Logo on Clothing
Bike Exchange Race Wide


In a category very much concerned with looks as well as performance, Bike Exchange needed to solidify strategy to express authentic visual cred to appeal to all markets. The new look streamlined ‘b’ was designed to encapsulate the three main rider disciplines represented by a straight line for Road bikes, a jump for BMX and a steep decline for Mountain bikes. ‘Everything Bike’ in one mark

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Bike Exchange Race Wide

“The Brands to life® team enable you to humanise your brand experience in the right way that will enable your business to scale with consistency and meaning in the market.”

Jason Wyatt | CEO Bike Exchange