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Australian Music Vault

We’ve turned up the volume on Australia’s love affair with its home grown music.

A promise from the Victorian Government saw a team including Creative Victoria, Live Music Victoria and Arts Centre Melbourne work with us to develop a brand intended to celebrate Australian contemporary music – past, present and future. A permanent home to ‘Open up Australian music’.

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Brand Strategy + Brand Naming + Brand Mark + Brand Positioning + Brand Story + Brand Voice + Visual Identity

Charged with creating a brand that was more than just a music hall of fame, we worked through strategy to help articulate what the Australian Music Vault was to become. It’s about opening up and sharing great music memories and collections, incorporate the ARIA Hall of Fame. Creating a permanent place for interactive exhibitions and an online destination to dig deeper into all the stories behind Australian Music.

What happened next?
The Australian Music Vault is due to open at Arts Centre Melbourne in late 2017. It’s set to become place for everyone to explore their love of music, to revisit some of the big music moments of their lives and discover exciting new stories of today’s Australian music scene.
Everyone will be welcome. No backstage pass required.

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