09th Dec 2015| by Brands to life

Wittner rebrand 18 months on

Wittner Brand Repositioning - launch advertising campaign blog image

A rebrand is never just a visual refresh. It’s a strategic solution to a problem within a business. Flagging sales, losing relevance with customers, repositioning or a better way to get bums on seats – there are many strategic reasons to rebrand. 18 months after Wittner set the objective to engage better with its customers (and what brand wouldn’t want to do that?) and we worked through a rebrand with them, and that investment looks to be paying off in spades. The brand strategy has seen a real shift in the direction of the business, a breathe of fresh air has infiltrated the entire company with a new confidence being born under Walk Tall.. Based on the repositioning strategy,  changes to product design, employee engagement, bricks and mortar, marketing and e-commerce were all reviewed and refreshed. And 18 months down the track, ambitious sales goals (particularly online) have been exceeded, media love the product and unsolicited requests for product placement is at an all-time high, VIP sign-ups are booming and customer perceptions of the brand have moved from meh to yeah! Does rebranding work?… it does when companies like Wittner have clear objectives and are want to holistically embrace the rebrand at every level within a business.

Wittner Brand Repositioning - launch advertising campaign