12th Mar 2019| by Brands to life

Turning Mondo into a Masterbrand

The future is looking bright for Mondo.

Mondo provide the most comprehensive range of services and technology for essential infrastructure across the electricity, gas, water and transportation sectors. Well, they do now that four businesses have combined  and rebranded under a single brand.

Before they were Mondo, they were individual brands and business units – AusNet’s Commercial Energy Services, Geomatic Technologies, Select Solutions and Mondo Power. Each brand had its own complex story to tell, each with different service offerings and different customer segments. What they had in common was a desire to bring their core areas of expertise together under one strong, customer focussed brand.

AusNet asked us to use two of the existing assets from the Mondo Power brand, the name Mondo and the existing Mondo log, while taking the brand to an exciting new place.


We found a Simple Truth to unify the brands.

To create a brand, we needed a strategy to unify the businesses; an authentic Simple Truth to connect with all their varied customer segments.

As it turns out, the whole was infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. With each business service combined, Mondo improves the way things flow for their customers, whoever they are. From large clients in the utility, transport and government sectors, to SME’s, to business and households in regional communities looking for mini-grid energy solutions. They are all looking for holistic and simpler solutions to keep their worlds flowing smoothly.


Mondo Website Homepage Design Mobile View

We created a unique brand identity and tone of voice.

From the Simple Truth that Mondo improves the ways things flow, a fresh visual language was developed to be free flowing, with vibrant, circular ‘world’ shapes connected to line work expressing the flow of information and ideas.

We stripped back the jargon to uncomplicate the complicated language previously used to describe each of the businesses and what they provided and instilled a positive, forward-thinking positioning for Mondo, everyone who works for them and for their customers. It’s all about a Bright Future.

Mondo Tote Bag Design for internal brand launch

We’ve launched the brand to the most important people first. The Mondo Team.

With our design of the MVP website up and running, courtesy of the IGNITE ONLINE team, and powerful internal launch driven by the AusNet and Mondo leadership teams, the new brand has been embraced by each of the brands/business units. Given the new Mondo team all had to shed their previous identities to become Mondo, understanding the strategy and rallying behind their new brand was paramount to the success of the re-brand.

With a really successful internal launch complete, the new brand is shaping the culture and is becoming embedded in the organisation’s DNA. We’re looking forward to rolling out the rest of the Brand Touchpoints and developing the marketing support to take the masterbrand of Mondo to it’s customers.

See the full Mondo Brand Identity and get in touch if you’d like to discuss Brand Identity.