28th Jul 2017| by Brands to life

Step Back Think. Brands to life® lace up against social violence

Step Back Think - punch through the shoe lace advertising campaign visual asset for blog page

Social violence is absolutely NOT OK.

Unless you’re living in a bubble, you’ll have noticed what feels like a new story almost every week about one-punches, king hits and all forms of social violenceSo when we were introduced to Anna O’Halloran, CEO of Step Back Think, and were asked to develop their Lace Up Against Social Violence campaign for 2017, of course we wanted to lend our support.

Step Back Think is a pioneering not-for-profit organisation focused on the prevention of social violence… which is violence occurring outside of the home. It was created by a group of friends after James Macready-Bryan was left with permanent brain damage when a stranger attacked him on his 20th birthday. The one-punch assault on MB shattered his future, taking away his ability to move, talk and eat. Step Back Think has grown from a youth-led committee into a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to drive cultural change to end social violence by educating young people, raising awareness, and creating change at an institutional level.

Lace Up against social violence is Step Back Think’s major fundraising and awareness campaign for 2017. The aim is to encourage grassroots and professional level sporting groups to get involved by registering their club to participate in the Lace Up weekend August 11 – 13. Each registered club will receive sets of bright orange laces for their players and staff to wear that weekend and prompt discussion amongst players and staff as to what they can do to help end social violence.

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We developed the advertising messaging and creative for this year’s Lace Up against social violence campaign. This is as much an awareness campaign as it is a fundraising campaign. We are reminding people of the devastating effects and huge impact on lives social violence can have, just from a single punch. A clenched fist punches through a heartbeat represented by the orange shoe lace (the device being used as the fundraising element of the campaign) resulting in a flat line. This strong visual has been developed into digital and outdoor as well as the concept taken across radio in a chilling spot designed to cut through the audio noise and get people thinking.

Keep an eye out for orange laces at Run Melbourne this Sunday, 30th July, with a team of Step Back Think participants running to raise funds to end social violence.

But everybody can get behind Step Back Think and make a donation at their website HERE so they can help young Australians work out that Social Violence is NOT OK.