22nd Feb 2021| by Brands to life

Say hello to Spriing

Say hello to Spriing
A very different kind of orthotics brand

Angela Ayres is a self-proclaimed shoe obsessor who stepped out of the spotlight of being a dancer to become the podiatrist she is today. Right from the beginning she couldn’t help but notice a few things about the orthotics industry, aside from the products either feeling overly medical and just generally boring, they actually didn’t offer a lot of support, especially if you’re looking to use them in your favourite shoes or (her biggest challenge) making high heels feel comfortable.

For Angela this was an incredibly exciting opportunity; not only was she developing an entirely new brand from the ground up, she was also entering the orthotics market with a completely new take on things. Brand name development was always going to be hugely important in this typically dry/medical feeling category. The name ‘Spriing’ was born to express the sense of positivity and happiness you would feel when walking on a cloud with an extra spring in your step.

Spriing has the everyday support that an orthotics wearer expects, without the hefty price tag. A large part of the overarching brand strategy was that everyone should be able to access this kind of support, regardless of their medical care, which pushed us to develop an exciting new e-comm site and digital experience to break the convention.

The products themselves have been designed with fun, interchangeable covers so everyone can have their own unique insole identity and ‘Find their feet’ without missing out on the support desperately needed. A cheeky, free-flowing, bold and vibrant visual language was developed, revealing a fresh take on the current category.

Brands to life® worked through extensive CV19 restrictions and still maintained a strong collaboration with our client Angela – creating a brand from scratch, from brand naming and brand design, right through to the digital store build and photoshoots along the way (via Zoom) we were able to bring this brand to life, a brand that is very much ready to add tremendous amounts of colour and swagger to the current orthotics industry.

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