17th Sep 2021| by Brands to life

Short films for Arts Centre Melbourne

Creativity and opportunity can change lives.


Arts Centre Melbourne’s Together Experiences films were created to share the story of what the performing arts brings to the community.

Inspiration, support, inclusion and the positive impact for both individuals and groups people coming together for shared experiences. An idea perhaps even more relevant today than when the films were initially conceived in 2019.

The Together Experiences films are a series of stories where people from on and off the stage have found themselves through connecting with the performing arts. Each character reveals their own story, each story is shown through their eyes.

See first three Together Experiences short films here

We are delighted to see the Together Experience films being shared and would like to thank the following people who were vital to working with Paul Findlay, Creative Director of Brands to life to see these films created.

The Storytellers
Stephanie Lake
Lauren Hayes
Thomas Smith

Arts Centre Melbourne
Project Champion: Claire Spencer, AM, CEO
Project Lead: Corey Parfett – Director of Strategic Communications
Project Lead: Suzanne Daley – Associate Director Philanthropy

Director: Thomas Hyland
Producer: Raylene O’Hare
Executive Producer: Mark Welker
Cinematographer: Joel Egan
1st AC – Shawkat Husseini
Gaffer – Alexander Wilson
Editor: Mark Welker
Colourist – Ted Deacey
Mix – Martin Kay