03rd Jun 2018| by Brands to life

Senior Account Manager

Brands to life careers - Creative agency Melbourne

We’re looking for a new Senior Account Manager to join the Brands to life® team.

If you’re smart enough to be checking our careers page regularly, well done. We haven’t advertised the role yet, so you can get in early.

We’re looking for a doer and a thinker. We want all the skills everyone says when they advertise for new people – can-do attitude, multitasking magician, ATD but also a communicator who can demonstrate what it is/means to be a strategic thinker.

If you’ve had 3/4 years experience (absolute min), you’re a current Melbourne resident with all working entitlements in Australia in place, send through your CV. In your covering letter, tell us about your favourite brand (from a personal perspective) or you favourite brand (from a strategic perspective) and why… so we can get a bit of a feel for who you are and how you think.

Contact hello@brandstolife.com.au

Looking forward to hearing from you.