15th Aug 2021| by Brands to life

Branding a new logistics company

Newhaul-Brand Mark-logo

Newhaul & Brands to life  moving forward together

18 months in the making, including a name change half way through the brand development – we are very proud to see Newhaul on the road.

Founder Craig Mitchel has owned several logistics businesses in the past, but this time he had a more progressive vision for Newhaul. A business about collaboration and positively improving the lives of employees, their families and the remote communities in Western Australia… as well as moving precious hauls of course.

It was important, based on this vision, that brand strategy was crystal clear in the minds of all the stakeholders and that this brand felt unlike any other logistics business in the west. We needed to reimagine the logistics sector and everyone needed to be on board.

The Brands to life® team started by developing the Brand Positioning, Brand Story and Tone of voice, alongside a bold, fresh and distinctive brand identity. The custom coloured Newhaul fleet in its signature blue are ‘moving billboards’ have started their engines and have now hit the road. It’s very gratifying to see the new branding launched and packing a punch in remote WA.


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