28th Jan 2014| by Paul Findlay

Melbourne Now


OK so if you like the sound of a huge, full sized and extremely life like sculpture of a nude, hairy, part gorilla / part man like creature, carefully holding a graceful woman, whilst walking in his stride… or perhaps a freaky black cat, staring directly at you, impatiently waving and trying to get your attention… then you should definitely get on down to the NGV and take a look (and listen) at Melbourne Now. That is if you haven’t already had a view, it’s open until 23rd March, so there’s still plenty of time time to get involved.

Melbourne Now - Greatest Hits - Cat With Raised Paw

Previous image: Patricia Piccinini. This image: Greatest Hits


The overall idea of Melbourne Now is to promote and engage with local contemporary art in new and dynamic ways, and this huge show certainly does that, it pulls together the talents of some truly impressive Melbourne creative talent. In fact Melbourne Now involves over 175 of them, including: Ash Keating, Greatest Hits, Brook Andrew, Mark Hilton and Tin & Ed to name a few. Melbourne Now also has a great array of special projects too including visual arts, architecture, design, fashion, performance art and sound installations.

Just a heads up to make sure you have enough time to take it all in, I spent two hours there and could have done with three, as there’s a lot of great stuff to absorb.

Skeleton in Spider Web - Animated GIF

Brook Andrew



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