14th Jul 2016| by Brands to life

Hobart Brewing Co

Hobart Brewing Company - image of red shed for blog

Beer, glorious beer!

We’re really excited to be working with the Hobart Brewing Co. a brewers that you’ll be hearing a lot more about very soon.

Hobart Brewing Co. brew the sort of beers that the locals want to drink…. and Hobart locals are pretty particular about their beer; why wouldn’t they be? At one stage Hobart was considered to brew the best beer in the world. OK, that was in the 19th century when only local ingredients were actually available to brew beer with. But the team at Hobart Brewing Co. are harking back to that great tradition of beer making, using as much local produce as possible and modernising their beers for today’s local palettes… (and for the palettes of a few Melbourne based branding specialists too).

So, while we’re working together on the foundations of the brand,  they’re nailing some new brews. If you get the chance, we absolutely recommend you go and try one or more of the Hobart Brewing Co. beers for yourself. They taste even better at their brewery and tap room at ‘The Red Shed’ at Macquarie Point, Hobart – a unique space to sample their unique beers. Bring a warm coat (it’s been snowing in Hobart) and say “hi” to head brewer Scott for us.