07th Mar 2018| by Brands to life

A fresh look at some of our brand refreshes

International Women's Development Agency old Logo - new Brand Mark

A Re-Brand Reboot.

On the eve of International Women’s Day we were reflecting on the Re-Brand we did for IWDA three years ago. The original scope of the Re-Brand was to define Brand Strategy and create a new Visual Identity and Website – and to keep our hands off the existing Brand Mark. But it was clear to everyone that with the new strategy and look and feel in place, the original IWDA Brand Mark was now ‘off brand’. It was screaming for a Refresh and we were happy to oblige by creating a Brand Mark (pro bono) to support IWDA’s purpose, to empower women to lead. A strong brand deserved a powerful new Brand Mark.

International Women's Development Agency old Logo - New Brand Mark

Here’s a look at some of the other Re-Brands and Brand Refreshes from Brands to life®.

Go See Australia Brand Mark before and after brand refresh

Go See Australia
Eeek. New owners of the online brand Go See Australia wanted to step it up and be seen in a whole new engaging way. Before the Brand Mark refresh it had visitors running for the hills. Refreshed it makes you want to ‘Go See Australia’.

Moose Toys Brand Mark before and after brand rebrand

Moose Toys
We worked through Brand Strategy with Moose to deliver clarity and refresh the brand. We then set about creating an iconic Brand Mark to replace the illustrated logo. Still playful but confident, worthy of representing a brand stepping up as a leader in toy manufacturing on the world stage.

Stratton Car finance brand mark before and after brand refresh

Stratton Finance
Before selling a big part of the business to CarSales in 2014, Stratton wanted to smarten up their 90’s feeling brand. This Brand Mark refresh contemporised a late model look and preceded the 60 million dollar sale of 50.1% of the business.


Bike Exchange Brand Mark before and after brand refresh

Bike Exchange
A long name can mean a big footprint for a Brand Mark. Bike Exchange wanted to inject some edge and power into their brand and be easily identified when whipping past fast on the back of the Green Edge Cycling Team in the Tour de France.

Redflex Brand Mark before and after Rebrand

The Redflex re-brand was designed to refresh the brand from inside out. Who wants to work for a  shouty traffic camera business when you can work for a brand that keeps people moving.

Wittner Brand Mark old logo and new Brand Mark after brand rebrand

With a remit to keep the Wittner signature as a key feature of the Brand Mark, the refresh was a simple one. Give it more confidence and reduce its footprint so it could be optimised online and in signage. It was amazing how many iterations of a signature it took to find the perfect one.

Swift Hero Brand Mark before and after brand refresh

Swift Hero
We wanted to humanise this brand and develop a mark that said a little more about the business SwiftHero was in, without going down the well-worn track of a superhero styled visual language. Who doesn’t want a tradie running to you to fix what needs fixing… fast.

United Energy Brand Mark Before and After Brand Refresh

United Energy
And the freshest refresh from Brands to life® currently being rolled out… we’re proud to introduce the new United Energy and we’re looking forward to rolling out the full brand identity over the coming weeks.


Whether you’re interested in doing a total 180 and a full re-brand, or the current branding could do with a refresh to make it more relevant to today, come and talk to us about your branding strategy and see if (like the above businesses) we’re the right fit to (dare we say it…?) bring your brand to life.