15th Jul 2019| by Brands to life

est features in Apple iPhone advertising

est website mobile view


We are thrilled to see est in the current Australian Apple iPhone campaign. est are the digital ‘little black book’ of inspiration for design professionals and enthusiasts.

Miffy Coady, Managing Director of est commented “We are thrilled to be aligned with such an iconic brand like Apple”. Apple chose est as the feature publisher showcasing the amazing Ocean House in Lorne on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. The Apple campaign demonstrates their software, Safari Reader, automatically reducing the clutter while reading websites on your iPhone. It’s all about simplicity.


The “exceptional design” of architect Rob Mill’s Ocean House made it the perfect feature from the est website to highlight in the Apple campaign.

The campaign for the new Safari Reader on the Apple iPhone is currently running through June and July, 2019. Placements across YouTube pre-roll, Apple’s YouTube channel, Twitter and Twitter Amplify highlight the new software for consuming publisher content on the Apple iPhone that ensures an even less cluttered and cleaner experience.

See the Pre-Roll here.

When Brands to life® refreshed the est brand identity in 2018, we designed using what we like to call ‘Relentless Simplicity’. It allowed us to unclutter the existing site while allowing est to feature its stunning photography. The website was designed mobile first, to consider the rapidly expanding number of the est audience consuming site content on their phones. With a strategy that included simplification and beautiful design at the heart of the est brand, we’re delighted that the new Apple iPhone software allows the simplicity to go to the next level.

est website, desktop and mobile view

From a branding perspective it makes complete sense for Apple, who clearly value simplicity and creativity, to have chosen a brand like est, that encapsulates these values, to demonstrate their new software by showcasing Rob Mills architectural design that (you guessed it) is steeped in simplicity, creativity and beautiful design. Quite simply, a perfect match.

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