09th Dec 2015| by Paul Findlay

Could be time for a rebrand…

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As a bit of fun as the year wraps up, we couldn’t help but put together a top 10 list of Brand Marks in desperate need of a refresh.

Some are just poorly drawn, others compromised in translation and some just victims of an ever-changing vernacular;  either way they make for some good chuckles. Thankfully, some of them have already seen the light and rebranded, but the originals live on and continue to bring a smile to our faces. Enjoy.

Brand Fail - Brand Mark Logo Black & White

Catholic Church Archiocesan Youth Comission

This brand mark was originally developed in 1973 for the Catholic Church, it even won an award at the Art Director’s Club of Los Angeles.

Brand Fail Example - ANL


The acronym seemed like a good idea at the time.

Brand Fail Example - Megaflicks Poor Font Choice


Choice of font style and kerning can be make or break.

Brand Fail Example - ISIS Building


Might be a good time to change the business name.

Brand Fail - Fu King Restaurant

FU KING Chinese

Perhaps check the Fu King translation first.

Brand Fail Example - It's Curtains For You

Curtains for you

Hmmm need I say anymore.

Brand Fail - Brand Mark Logo Yellow & Red

Federal University of Santa Catarina’s Institute

The Japanese Temple together with the Rising Sun… maybe a little too much together.

Brand Fail Example - Safe Place Hugs with Hands

Safe Place

This identity for Safe Place has recently been rebranded and unhanded.

Brand Fail Example - Hooker Cockram Building

Hooker Cockram

These property developers have recently rebranded to Cockram.

Brand Fail - Brand Mark Logo Truck Red & Blue

Unknown Truck Company

You are passing another appendage.


Paul Findlay
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